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Tooth Extraction in Dubai


One of the most common dental procedures is tooth extraction. This is the removal of a tooth from the socket that’s connected to the bone. Whenever a tooth has been broken or decayed, the dentist will attempt to fix it using a filing, a crown, or any other treatment.

tooth extraction

Why a tooth or teeth need to be removed?

Teeth are irreparable: This is the time when the tooth has to be extracted.
Loose tooth : If it can’t be saved anymore even with the help of a bone replacement surgery or what is known as bone graft.
Extra teeth: This is done for those people who extra teeth that get in the way of others.
Baby teeth: This is done when baby teeth don’t fall out in time for the permanent ones to come in.
Getting braces: People who are about to get braces may also have some teeth extracted. This will create room for the teeth to be moved into their rightful places.
Patients going for radiation on the head and neck: Those patients who may need to have radiation on the head and neck may need to have some teeth extracted within the radiation field.
Patients receiving cancer drugs: Patients who have been receiving cancer drugs may also have infected teeth since this type of drugs can weaken the immune system. Teeth that have been infected should be extracted
Patients undergoing transplantation: In the same way those teeth that have been infected after an organ transplant. People who undergo transplantation are susceptible to infections since they should take drugs that suppress and decrease the immune system.
Decayed wisdom tooth: Wisdom teeth or what are known as third molars have to be extracted before or after they appear. These teeth have to be removed when they’re decayed, cause pain, cause infection or have a cyst.
It’s common for these teeth to be stuck at the jaw and not able to come out. This may also irritate the gum and causing swelling and pain in the area. If that’s the case, the teeth have to be removed. If four wisdom teeth have to be removed, the procedure has to be done simultaneously. 

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Wisdom Tooth

Impacted wisdom teeth Dubai can be a source of immense discomfort and pain for patients young and old. They can also damage the adjacent teeth and cause other dental conditions such as cysts. Best Dental Centre are highly experienced at wisdom teeth removal procedures, in most cases extracting all four wisdom teeth under an hour if required. 

If you’re suffering any anxiety about having a tooth removed, you can rest assured the process can be smooth and painless.

Book an appointment today if you’re experiencing pain or bleeding at the rear of your mouth, battling bad breath or want to check in on the state of your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common procedures in our Best dental clinic. When an impacted wisdom tooth needs to be removed, we offer extraction under local anaesthetic to alleviate pain while we carry out the procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is carried out in the dentist’s chair and can be completed in as little as half an hour to an hour, with flexible appointments to suit your schedule.

What does removing wisdom teeth involve?

wisdom tooth

What is the recovery time for wisdom teeth removal?

Most people can expect a full recovery in a day to a week, depending on the specifics of your wisdom tooth removal. You will not be able to drive immediately after the procedure if you choose to have sedation, however once the initial dose wears off you will be back to your regular life in no time.
Your expert dentist will advise on a tailored recovery plan including any painkillers and oral health strategies to follow in the days and weeks after your wisdom teeth removal.

How do I know when I need wisdom teeth removal?

Commonly there is little space at the rear of the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt so they become wedged or impacted. Some impacted wisdom teeth remain buried and cause no trouble. However, other impacted wisdom teeth may lead to severe problems.
Especially when food and bacteria become trapped, impacted wisdom teeth can cause:
    Red gums
    Repeated sore throat
    Bad breath

It is the best wisdom to have troublesome teeth removed while the patient is young as the roots have not had a chance to become fully formed.
During regular check-ups, Best Dental Centre can track the progress of your third molars and advise if wisdom teeth removal is necessary. You can find our experienced and caring dentists completing wisdom teeth removal and extractions routinely. In fact, we have a sedation day every week dedicated to the removal of wisdom teeth and oral surgery procedures. We also offer happy gas and oral sedation to make your experience more relaxed and comfortable.

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